Sharp SJ-3056 Plasmacluster


Plasmacluster is what thing.
The ionizer inside the refrigerator will release cluster ions, which are collective mass of positive and negative ions, into the the freezer and refrigerator compartments. The cluster ions reduce airborne fungus.

Plasmacluster Panel
1.When the refrigerator will be operated, the Plasmacluster lamp of the panel will light up.
2.By pushing the button, the lamp gose out or lights up.
3.Under the lamp is lighting, Plasmacluster operation is controlled as follows.

Plasmacluster Control
1.Plasmacluster operation will be performed when the following conditions gather.
1) Lamp : Under lighting
2) Compressor : Under operation
3) Door : Closed
4) Within “The Plasmacluster operation time”.
2.If the sum total of Plasmacluster operation time will reach at the set time (“The Plasmacluster operation Time”) , Plasmacluster operation will stop.
3.After an operation stop, the Plasmacluster will be not operated during the set time (“The Plasmacluster operation compulsive stop time”) .

Plasmacluster operation Sharp SJ 3056 Plasmacluster

The Plasmacluster operation time = t1 + t2 + t3

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