Maytag Side-by Side Thermometer Problems


Temperatures in the freezer section which average above the normal 0o +/- 5o will slow the production of ice. Complaints of inadequate crescent production may be corrected by setting the freezer to a colder temperature in this one-revolution ice maker is 17o +/- 3ยบ. Obviously, the ice will be well frozen when these temperatures are achieved, but cycling time will be slowed if the freezer temperature is not cold enough to achieve these mold temperatures easily.

NOTE: Only the thermostat, mold with heater and wiring harness are replaceable. Any other failure (including the motor) requires replacement of the module assembly. If you are replacing the mold assembly, it comes with a new mold heater installed. External plastic parts are also replaceable.

A failed mold heater requires complete replacement of the mold and mold heater assembly.

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