Maytag Side-by Side Testing the Overload Protector


To test the overload protector, remove the compressor terminal cover. Examine the bottom of the overload for signs of arcing. If signs of arcing are present, either check for continuity or connect a jumper wire across the terminals. If using a jumper wire, plug in the line cord and set the temperature control to a cold setting. If the compressor starts, the over load is defective and must be replaced. If the compressor fails to start, check for a defective start relay or compressor.

1. Remove the PTC and overload from the compressor.
2. Connect one ohmmeter probe to the compressor shell. Make sure the probe makes good contact with bare metal.
One at a time, connect the other ohmmeter probe to each of the three compressor terminals.
3. If the meter shows no continuity to ground, install PTC and overload protector to the compressor’s terminals. If the meter indicates the compressor terminals are grounded, replace the compressor.
4. Attach a jumper wire across the overload terminals.
5. Make sure the jumper wire does not short to ground.
6. Reconnect the unit to power source. If the compressor starts, the overload protector is defective and must be replaced.


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