Maytag Side-by Side Testing the Compressor Direct


Testing the compressor with no other wiring in the circuit is called the direct test method. Remove all electrical components from the compressor in order to perform this test. It is recommended that a compressor tester as illustrated be used to make this test.

The tester leads are marked RUN, START, and COMMON. Connect the common lead to the common terminal of the compressor, the start lead to the start terminal and the run lead to the run terminal. The compressor terminal arrangements are illustrated above. The other two leads are for a start capacitor (if used). When not in use, attach the two leads together and place the toggle switch in the OFF position. There should not be any bare leads touching the cabinet. Plug in the tester and flip the switch to the start position. When the compressor starts, release the switch to the run position. If the compressor is operative, it will continue operating on the run windings. If the compressor fails to run, the compressor is defective and must be replaced.

Maytag Side by Side Testing the Compressor Direct Maytag Side by Side Testing the Compressor Direct

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