Maytag Side-by Side Temperature Control


The refrigerator has two temperature controls:

1. Fresh Food Compartment – The fresh food temperature control senses the temperature of its compartment and governs the compressor operation accordingly.

2. Freezer Compartment – The freezer compartment control adjusts the damper door which regulates the amount of air allowed to enter the fresh food compartment.

Turning the freezer temperature control to the coldest settings reduces the flow of chilled air to the fresh food compartment. The fresh food temperature control uses a sensing element that must be cooled sufficiently before stopping the compressor. The reduced air flow causes longer compressor run time and colder freezer temperatures, while maintaining the required fresh food compartment temperatures.

Conversely, by turning the freezer temperature control to the warmest setting, you increase the flow of air into the fresh food compartment and decrease the flow to the freezer. This cools the fresh food temperature control sensing element faster, resulting in shorter compressor run times and warmer freezer compartment temperatures. The fresh food compartment will stay near the recommended fresh food temperature, unless the freezer temperature is turned to an extreme temperature. The differential between cut-in/cut-out temperature will vary approximately 100F.

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