Maytag Side-by Side PTC Starting Device and Run Capacitor


The PTC solid state starting device is a push on component mounted to the start and run terminals of the compressor. This device is connected in parallel with the run capacitor and is in series with the compressor start windings. This will produce a short circuit across the run capacitor during the compressor starting sequence and full current is applied to the start windings as well as the main winding. Since the PTC device is temperature sensitive, a variance in its temperature causes a change in its resistance. When current is first applied to the compressor, the PTC device’s low resistance shorts out the run capacitor; thus producing adequate motor starting torque.

As the compressor motor approaches running speed, the current through the PTC device causes the temperature and resistance of the PTC device to increase to where it appears to be an open circuit. The compressor continues to operate on the run winding in parallel with the series combination of the run capacitor and start winding.

Maytag Side by Side PTC Starting Device and Run Capacitor Maytag Side by Side PTC Starting Device and Run Capacitor

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