Maytag Side-by Side Freezer Fan Motor


The freezer fan circulates the cooled air throughout the fresh food and freezer compartment. The fan blade is made of polyethylene and is pushed onto the shaft. It is important when replacing the fan blade that the hub of the fan blade faces out, toward the back of the evaporator fan cover. If the fan fails or operates erratically, the reduced air circulation will result in poor cooling characteristics.

Freezer Fan Motor Diagnosis

1. Disconnect unit from the power source.
2. Remove the freezer shelving.
3. Loosen the two top screws and remove the two bottom evaporator cover mounting screws.
4. Grasp the bottom of the cover. Carefully pull the cover forward and down to clear the upper flange.
5. Disconnect the evaporator fan motor leads. The wire leads are self-locking and it is important to squeeze the clip before pulling the leads off the terminals.
6. Remove the evaporator fan motor assembly and place it on a work surface.
7. Connect the motor terminals to a service cord and plug the cord into the power source.
8. If the motor fails to operate, it is defective and must be replaced.

Maytag Side by Side Freezer Fan Motor Maytag Side by Side Freezer Fan Motor

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