Maytag Side-by Side Defrost Timer


The freezer evaporator defrosting system is actuated by an electric timer. The timer is mounted in the control housing located in the fresh food compartment.

The timer control shaft is designed for screwdriver advancement. When manually setting the timer to initiate defrosting, turn the control shaft clockwise until you establish the approximate location of the defrost cycle. Then turn the shaft slowly, and stop immediately when the first click is heard. The schematic illustrates the timer circuits in sequence.

Maytag Side by Side Defrost Timer Maytag Side by Side Defrost Timer

1st Click – The timer turns off the compressor and freezer fan circuit for approximately 23 minutes, and it energizes the defrost heater. Once the temperature of the defrost termination thermostat reaches the cut-out point, the termination thermostat will open the circuit to the radiant heater. However, the compressor circuit remains open for the duration of the defrost interval.

2nd Click – The timer switches off the defrost circuit and starts the compressor, freezer fan, and the condenser fan motor. The compressor and fan motors are now governed by the temperature control for a period of approximately 8 hours of the compressor run time, after which a new defrost cycle begins.


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