Maytag Side-by Side Compressor


The compressor is the “heart” of the refrigerator, consisting of an electrical motor and a “pump” sealed inside a steel case. The compressor used on R134A refrigerant systems is virtually the same in external appearance as the compressor used with R12 refrigerants. However, due to changes in lubricants and other internal differences, the compressors are not to be interchanged, otherwise system failure will result. Diagnostic procedures will be the same as with the R12 refrigerant systems, except that the high side pressure will be slightly higher and the low side pressure will be slightly lower. If a new compressor is to be installed, pull one of the plugs to ensure that it is properly pressurized. If no pressure is observed, do not use the compressor. If unit is pressurized, reinstall the plug and keep the compressor sealed until it is installed and ready for solder connections. Whenever the compressor is replaced on a R134A refrigerator, the sealed system must be flushed

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