Maytag Side-by Side Checking the Auto Damper


1. Disconnect the unit from the power source.
2. Open the fresh food door and remove any items on the top shelf.
3. Set the fresh food control to the coldest position.
4. Remove the light shield cover by pulling down on the back corners of the cover and sliding the cover forward.
5. Remove the fascia/radiant shield mounting screws. Remove the control housing mounting screw at the back, bottom center of the control housing. Slide the control housing to the right. Lower the control housing.
6. Disconnect the temperature control housing electric quick disconnect.
7. Remove the temperature control housing from the refrigerator and place on a flat work surface.
8. Remove the auto damper control rod retainer, control rod and the slide control gear from the auto damper control.
9. Turn the control housing over.
10. Remove the two auto damper mounting screws, then remove the auto damper from the control housing.
11. Mark the auto damper rod approximately 1/4″ away from the housing.
12. Uncoil the auto damper capillary tube approximately four inches.
13. Submerge into a glass of ice (no water). Watch for door to move to the closed position.
14. Remove from ice and warm capillary tube (use your hand). Watch door for opposite reaction.
15. If no movement is detected, replace the control.

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