Maytag Bottom Mount Refrigerators Symptoms of an Overcharge


• Above normal freezer temperatures.
• Longer than normal or continuous run.
• Freezing in refrigerator.
• Higher than normal suction and head pressure.
• Higher than normal wattage.
Evaporator inlet and outlet temperatures warmer than normal.
• Suction tube temperature below ambient. Always check for separated heat exchanger when suction temperature is colder than ambient.

Various conditons could indicate an overcharge. For example, if the cooling coil is not defrosted at regular intervals, due to a failure of the defrost system, the refrigerant will “flood out” and cause the suction line to frost or sweat. The cause of this problem should be corrected rather than to purge refrigerant from the sytem. Running the freezer section colder than necessary (-2 to -1 F. is considered normal package temperatures) or continuous running of the compressor for a variety of reasons, or the freezer fan motor not running, may give the indication of an overcharge.

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