Maytag Bottom Mount Refrigerators Symptoms of Air in System


This can result from a low side leak or improper servicing. If a leak should occur on the low side, the temperature control would not be satisfied; thus, continuous running of the compressor would result. The compressor would eventually pump the low side into a vacuum drawing air and moisture into the system. Air and R134A do not mix so the air pressure would be added to the normal head pressure, resulting in higher than normal head pressures.

One way to determine if air is in the system is to read the head pressure gauge with the product off and evaporator and condenser at the same temperature and then take the temperature on the condenser outlet tube. This temperature should be within 3° or 4° F. of what the Pressure-Temperature Relation chart shows for the given idle head pressure. If the temperature of the condenser outlet is considerably lower than the idle head pressure of the gauge this would indicate there is air in the system.

Thorough leak checking is necessary. Correct the source of the leak. Do not attempt to purge off the air because this could result in the system being undercharged. It is best to discharge, replace drier, evacuate and recharge with the specified refrigerant charge.


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