LG SXS Side By Side Dispenser Function


1. The dispenser allows serving ice and water without opening the door.
2. Pressing the dispenser switch dispenses crushed or cubed ice or water. If ice is selected, the switch operates the door solenoid also. The door will close 5 seconds after the ice is dispensed.
3. If the freezer door is opened, the dispenser is deactivated.
4. If there is no OFF signal 3 minutes after the ice dispenser is activated, the auger and door solenoid are turned off. The auger will stop immediately, but the door will not close for another 5 seconds.
5. The dispenser lamp turns on automatically if the crushed/cubed/water button is pressed or if the dispenser button is pressed. It will turn off automatically shortly thereafter.
6. Selection function of water/crushed/cube ice
1) Select crushed/cubed/water. The display will show your selection.
2) If you select cubed ice, the auger is rotated to dispense cubes.
3) If you select crushed ice, the auger is rotated in the opposite direction to direct the cubes through the crusher.
7. Water dispenser function
1) If you select water, the display will indicate water.
2) The water dispenser uses a solenoid connected directly to the water pipe. Pressing the dispenser switch operates the solenoid, which is at the right side of the back plate.

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