LG SXS Side By Side Control of Variable Type Freezing Fan


1. To increase cooling speed and response to load, the MICOM will vary the speed of the freezer fan between low and high.
2. The MICOM runs the fan at high speed only at power-up and for ICE PLUS cycles, and runs at low speed for all other settings.
3. If you open the freezer door, the refrigerator door, or the home bar door, and the freezer fan was running at high speed, it will reduce to low speed. If it was running at low speed when a door was opened, it will turn off.
4. If the MICOM determines the BLDC fan motor is locked up, (no signal for 115 seconds) it will show a failure code on the display and cut power to the fan. To power the fan again, unplug the refrigerator for a few seconds and plug it in again.

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