LG SXS LSC27950 Power Circuit GR-L277SV(S)VA, SSWA (LSC27950SW, LSC27950SB, LSC27950ST, LSC27960ST)


The power circuit includes a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS). It consists of a rectifier (BD1 and CE1) converting AC to DC, a switch (IC2) switching the DC voltage, a transformer, and a feedback circuit (IC3 and IC4).

Caution : Since high voltage (160 Vdc) is maintained at the power terminal, wait at least 3 minutes after unplugging the appliance to check the voltages to allow the current to dissipate.LG SXS LSC27950 Power Circuit GR L277SVSVA LG SXS LSC27950 Power Circuit GR L277SV(S)VA, SSWA (LSC27950SW, LSC27950SB, LSC27950ST, LSC27960ST)


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