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1. JET FREEZING is a function to increase the cooling speed of the JET FREEZING compartment within the freezer by running both the compressor and the JET FREEZING fan simultaneously.
2. JET FREEZING is cancelled and the refrigerator returns to its default setting in the event of a power interruption.
3. The display temperature is not changed by selecting JET FREEZING.
4. If JET FREEZING is selected, the compressor (after the 7-minute compressor delay time passes) and the freezer fan motor will operate. The temperature in the refrigerator will drop and the fan motor will be off while the JET FREEZING cycle runs, a maximum of 2 hours. The JET FREEZING indicator will go off at the end of the JET FREEZE cycle.
5. To prevent icing up, the JET FREEZING fan motor will cycle for 10 seconds every hour when JET FREEZING is not selected.
6. If the JET FREEZING fan motor fails, this failure will not be detected because it is a 12-volt DC operation.
7. To check the JET FREEZING function, press and hold the FREEZER button or ICE PLUS/JET button for more than one second. The JET FREEZE fan will operate.

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  1. Refrigerateur lg model lrsc 26980tt. Depuis 8ans fonctionne tres bien mais maintenant ne fait plus de glacons . Ne semble pas couler d eau dans le mechanisme a glace. Je n ai jamais changer le filtre. Merci.

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