Kenmore Elite 795 Overload Protector


Definition of OLP
(1) OLP (OVERLOAD PROTECTOR) is attached to the Compressor and protects the Motor by opening the circuit to the Motor if the temperature rises and activating the bimetal spring in the OLP.
(2) When high current flows to the Compressor motor, the Bimetal works by heating the heater inside the OLP, and the OLP protects the Motor by cutting off the current flowing to the Compressor Motor.

Role of the OLP
(1) The OLP is attached to the Sealed Compressor used for the Refrigerator. It prevents the Motor Coil from being started in the Compressor.
(2) For normal operation of the OLP, do not turn the Adjust Screw of the OLP in any way.

Kenmore Elite 795 Overload Protector Kenmore Elite 795 Overload Protector

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