Kenmore Elite 795 Compressors


The compressor intakes low temperature and low pressure gas from the evaporator of the refrigerator and compresses this gas to high-temperature and high-pressure gas. It then delivers the gas to the condenser.

The compressor includes overload protection. The PTC starter and OLP (overload protector) are attached to the outside of the compressor. Since the compressor is manufactured to tolerances of 1 micron and is hermetically sealed in a dust and moisture-free environment, use extreme caution when performing repairs.

(1) Be careful not to allow over-voltage and over-current.
(2) If compressor is dropped or handled carelessly, poor operation and noise may result.
(3) Use proper electric components appropriate to the Particular Compressor in your product.
(4) Keep Compressor dry. If the Compressor gets wet (in the rain or a damp environment) and rust forms in the pin of the Hermetic Terminal, poor operation and contact may result.
(5) When replacing the Compressor, be careful that dust, humidity, and soldering flux don’t contaminate the inside of the compressor. Dust, humidity, and solder flux contaminate the cylinder and may cause noise, improper operation or even cause it to lock up.

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